The HHS Select Chorus will travel to London over winter break to perform in that city’s 2020 New Year’s Day Parade and Festival.

Thirty-six members of the chorus will leave Dec. 28 and return Jan. 4.

London parade officials came to HHS in 2018 to formally invite the chorus.

The annual parade features performers and bands from 20 countries and has a live TV audience of around 300 million.

Choir members had to raise money to help pay for the trip.

“The students didn’t have to raise a certain amount of money, just every amount helped,” said Select Chorus Director Elizabeth Evans. “We ended up raising about $400 for each student.”

The students sold T-shirts at the Freedom Festival, the Coffee House shows and at Spirit Night at Slim Chicken to raise the funds.

The City of Hendersonville also gave a large donation, Evans said. 

The chorus will perform songs including “Let There Be Light,” “The Word Was God,” and “Death Shall Be No More.” Members also will hold floats and other decorations and do shows around London, including one at the International Choral Festival and another for city delegates.

Choir members told The Ville News that they are looking forward to the trip.

“I’m most excited to try all of the new food and to travel around,” said sophomore Madison Penn.

“I’m excited to see all of the museums, definitely the Harry Potter museum,” added senior Michelle Clark.

Megan Sewell, a 2019 HHS graduate who will be making the trip, said the performance is important “because it puts us on the map. Millions of people tune in worldwide to view the London’s New Year’s Day Parade, so all eyes will be on HHS.”

Story by Kenzie Gregory, Bayley Leonard and Eva Plummer


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