Hendersonville High School

The Ville News

Many students at HHS see staff and fellow students walking through the halls, but many aren't aware of the four-legged, finned, or slithering co-habitants of the school. 


Many of these creatures are found in teacher Karl Wenzel’s Small Animal Science class.


“Most kids that take this (class) have a desire to be a vet,” Wenzel said, or they are a pet owner now or plan to be one in the future.


Besides providing students with information about the animals, the class also gives them opportunities to observe and interact with the creatures.


The classroom, for example, is home to Monty the ball python, Curly the cockatiel, Pork Chop the guinea pig, Marshmallow the hamster, Zeus the leopard gecko, and an aquarium with a variety of fish.


On weekends, holidays and during the summer, Wenzel allows students to take the animals home with all the necessary supplies.



If not enough students volunteer, Wenzel takes the animals home instead. 


Some students end up loving their adopted animal so much that they buy a new one for the classroom and keep their favorite for a pet.


“A lot of students enjoy and gain a lot of hands-on learning” from the course, Wenzel said.


Story by Michelle Khoury and Catharine Hinkle