HHS Principal Bob Cotter is an avid hunter who can sit still for hours in a tree stand, but you won’t catch him sitting still much at school. He rushed to a recent interview with The Ville News and answered questions with a walkie-talkie by his side. Still, Cotter was patient and candid in discussing a wide-range of issues. His edited remarks are below.

 Do you foresee any changes in the dress code? We understand that it was developed years ago when styles were much different.

 Right now, it’s really not my call. The high school dress code was developed by the high school principals several years ago. We revisit it every now and then as a group to see if it needs tweaking. At this point, I just can’t go out and say ‘Hey, I’m getting rid of this part of the dress code’ because it was a mutual agreement among high school principals. Right now I’m satisfied with it. I really want people to look at the dress code and understand and follow it.

 The administration seems really strict with IDs. Would it be acceptable to wear IDs tied to backpacks instead of around the neck?

 The number one reason to have it on is for security purposes, so that we know who is in the building is supposed to be in the building. Secondly, we have learned from different scenarios involving emergencies at schools that the police that come in during those times are also looking for the IDs. If you are separated from your backpack, they don’t know if you’re legit or not supposed to be here. We try to reiterate this with the staff too, because police request that they have them on to know if they are supposed to be here or not.

 When do you think it is appropriate for students to use their phones in the building?

 Basically what we have lined up now, which is during lunch and when teachers allow that access in the classroom. Students need to realize that when their phone is on, whether it is being used or not, it is pulling data down from the network. This messes with online testing because our network may not be able to support everybody being online at one time. That is why we make announcements sometimes requesting for you to turn your phones off.

 Is it acceptable for students to listen to music during down time?

 We don’t have a problem with this at lunch, and I think there are teachers who allow some of that in their classrooms. Our big concern is when you have headphones on and you’re walking through the hall because it makes it hard to communicate with you. It is a safety issue because you can’t hear announcements that may be telling you to get into the classroom, or anything. We aren’t against listening to music, it just has to be at appropriate times.

 How do you feel Commando Time is going, and do you expect any changes?

 I think it’s better than it was last year. It’s another one of those things where you’ve got a new program you’re starting and you evaluate it when it’s over and you try to tweak it and make changes to it. The teachers have a big part in making Commando Time work and we’ve tried to make things a little easier for the teachers as opposed to having so many different options like we did the first year.

Why can’t students leave campus during lunch?

Lunch is only 25 minutes long, and it’s a huge liability to let students leave campus. To leave to go somewhere and come back all within 25 minutes just doesn’t work.

What are your thoughts on homework and the amount teachers should assign?

Homework is important to reinforce what you’ve learned. It should always be something your teacher has already taught you because if you learn something the wrong way, it will be really hard to learn it the right way. The amount of homework assigned should depend on the skill. But I don’t think a teacher needs to assign 20 problems when five will show mastery of the skill. And we have to talk to teachers about that sometimes.

There is a lot of emphasis on football and basketball, yet many students play other sports. Is there more that can be done to call attention to the other sports?

Football and basketball are our two main revenue sports. It’s not purposeful, and I admit that we should do a better job of promoting other sports.

Some students would like to see prom held off campus so it would be more of a special event. What are your thoughts?

There is a cost factor with having prom off campus because you have to rent the facility that you want to use. Here we don’t have to rent the gym. There is also a safety factor of driving somewhere to have prom. By coming to campus, we eliminate a lot of that.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about your job at HHS?

My favorite thing would be the energy that high school students put off. It keeps me feeling young - if not looking it. I also like being able to interact with a large group of kids. There are always so many things going on; as an administrator you never get bored. My least favorite part is having to do discipline and dealing with all of the change, with trying to keep up with the newest thing the state wants you to do which they pass down to the county. The constant change is sometimes hard to deal with. 

What would you do if you were not a principal?

I would probably go back to teaching history and social studies, probably back to sixth grade. I have a soft spot for sixth graders.

Article by staff writers Kelsey Dotson, Abigail Lewis, Bryce Mathias and Giulia Giordani




Some HHS students were plenty resourceful and a little bit sneaky in navigating the new numbered parking system.

Several went to a different Golden Opportunity night than they were supposed to, enabling them essentially to cut in line for purchasing parking passes and to snap up many of the best spots.

The Golden Opportunity oversight won’t happen again, HHS Principal Bob Cotter told The Ville News recently.

“We are considering … switching the arrangement of Golden Opportunity to put juniors and seniors together on the first night, and then sophomores and freshmen on the second night so the only group that should be buying on that first night is juniors and seniors,” he said.

Another likely change for Golden Opportunity, the principal said, is requiring students to show their driver’s license to prove that they are even eligible to drive and rearranging the stations so students must verify their grade level and get an ID badge BEFORE they buy a parking pass. Last time, no one checked grade level.

“We know for a fact that’s a couple of areas we need to get ready for Golden Opportunity next year,” Cotter said.

Shenanigans aside, the new parking policy draws mostly positive reviews from students and staff.

Before the change, Cotter said, “It was getting harder because people were parking everywhere. You know, people were parking by the band trailer and parking in the grass.”

Now, he said, everybody is guaranteed a place. “Theoretically, if you get here 10 minutes before school, you have a parking spot.”

Many at HHS like the new setup.

“It keeps people out of my spot,” said sophomore Jonathon Coomer.

“I think it’s pretty cool if you have a spot that’s up close, because like no matter when you get to school you know you have a parking spot,” said senior Connor Pace.

 “But,” Pace added, “having a spot that’s behind the away (side of the) stadium kind of” stinks.

Office worker Cheri Glor said the new policy has reduced first-block tardiness. “Before we had assigned parking, people had to drive around to find a spot,” she said.

Teachers also prefer the new arrangement. “I know that I’ll have a spot waiting for me every day,” said English teacher Carmen Watts.

 History teacher Amanda Elmore likes that she can leave campus during the day and have the same spot when she returns.

Not everyone is pleased, though. As Pace mentioned, for students with good spots, the new policy is great, but for those with bad ones, the old first-come, first-serve method was better.

“I feel like if you get here early you should get a good spot, but if you get here late you should park in the back,” said senior Reggie Grisham.

“It’s so dumb because sophomores have better parking than juniors” said junior Hayden Redditt, adding “seniors should get first pick.”

Pace suggested staggered pricing, like concert seating; students would pay more for prime spots.

Others think more places should be designated for visitors so they wouldn’t have to take student or teacher spaces.

Nearly everyone seems to have a horror story about arriving to school and finding another vehicle in his or her spot.

Cotter says he’s working on that.

“We try initially to send someone out to get them to move their car,” he explained. “If they don’t have a parking pass, then we tell them they can’t drive back on campus. If it becomes a repeated issue, then we issue tickets.”

Article by staff writers Sarah Kovach, Bailey Guy, Peter Livesay, Giulia Giordani, Kayla Delk, Kelsey Dotson and Olivia Nutting

With every new school year comes new teachers, but this year there are more new faces than usual.

Twenty-five teachers started at HHS this school year, about double the number from last year.

Principal Bob Cotter said there is no single reason for the spike. “There are new teachers each year because people retire, choose to pursue other professions,” he said.

“And quite frankly,” he added, “some are not rehired because they turned out to not be a good fit for HHS.”

There are so many new teachers that it wasn’t uncommon the first weeks of school for a student to drop by a classroom expecting to see one teacher only to find he or she gone and a new teacher occupying the room.

The Ville News recently spoke to a few of the newcomers about their early impressions of HHS.

  • In Room 234, Jeffrey Wilkins is teaching physical science, computer science foundations, and robotics for skinny block. An Indiana native, he taught at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers, Ind., for 16 years. There he taught chemistry, physics, and worked an engineering program called Project Lead the Way. “I felt very welcomed when I first came,” Wilkins said of HHS. “The people here are very nice.” Asked for his least favorite thing about his new workplace, he said, “I guess the thing that bothers me is that there isn’t a cohesiveness in the appearance of the school.” He thinks a little paint in the section of the school he’s in would make a big difference.
  • At the end of the English hall, Dr. Rebecca Bene is in Room 206. As many know, Dr. Bene is home recuperating from an auto accident and is expected to return next month. She spoke to The Ville News before the accident. Like Wilkins, she said her favorite thing about HHS is the welcome she received from everyone. Her least favorite? “It’s just bigger than the other schools I’ve worked at, so it’s definitely been kind of trying at times trying to remember how to get certain places, or if I’ve never been down a certain hallway trying to get there in a timely fashion.” Dr. Bene has been teaching for more than 15 years in grades ranging from elementary to high school. She has taught in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and done small English clinics in Nicaragua, Haiti, and Japan.
  • In Room 222, Alicia Farrar teaches physical science, chemistry, and ACT science prep. She taught Honors and AP Chemistry at West Creek High School in Clarksville for two years, then taught as an interim at HHS last school year. Farrar said her favorite thing about her new school is the students and the support she feels from faculty and administration. “There are not a lot of schools that allow you to have as many copies as you need for the day. At my last school we only got 1,000 copies for a semester.” Asked for her least favorite thing about HHS, she said, “I am new to the school, so I don’t know all the traditions yet.” But she said she is working on that by learning the pep rally cheers recently handed out to teachers.

Following is a list of other teachers new to HHS along with their room numbers and subjects:

  • Julia MacFarland, Room 149 (Health)
  • Ralph Gabriel, Room 225 (Science)
  • Tracy Dove, CDC
  • Emily Barker, CDC
  • Kathy Parry, CDC
  • Harlie Fuqua, Room 116 (Resource)
  • Sarah Wolf, Room 127 (Foreign Language)
  • Chris Imber, Room 244 (Math)
  • Kelsey Tatum, SLP (Speech)
  • Taylor Coleman, Room 204 (English)
  • Andrew Martin, Room 201 (English)
  • Zina Crowder, CTE (Secretary)
  • Ashton Street, Room 139 (Agriculture)
  • Donna Curry, Room 119 (WWTP)
  • Brandon Averitte, Room 114 (Resource)
  • Mary Beth Racine, CDC
  • Stephanie Highsmith, Room 112 (CDC)
  • Lt. Col. Jeffrey Stone, ROTC
  • Chris Pokracki, WWTP (Aide)
  • Deborah Conn, Room 118 (Deaf Ed Teacher)
  • Jennifer Hunsucker, Room 105
  • Kim Gregory, Room 109 (Government)

Article by Staff Writer Kelsey Dotson

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Deadline 11/26/18 - Jefferson Scholars - University of Virginia - The Jefferson Scholars Foundation attracts the most promising leaders, scholars, and citizens in the world and provides them with sufficient financial support so that they are free to develop their talents—using them for the good of the University community and beyond.  If you are interested in being nominated for this award, please fill out the nomination application form by clicking here

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December 2018 - College Board Opportunity Scholarships - up to $40,000.  Starts with Class of 2020!  Log in to your College Board account on BigFuture. Explore colleges. Build your list. Log in to your Khan Academy account. Practice for the SAT. Make sure to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts. Taking the above steps gives you a head start. That's because once you join the program in December, you’ll be able to immediately see your progress. You may also automatically qualify for the first two scholarships. Don’t miss out—sign up now to be notified when the program launches. Questions? Call 844-298-3554.

Deadline 12/1/18 - MTSU Guaranteed Scholarships for Fall 2019 - SCHOLARSHIPS: Trustee: ACT 30 - 36 (1390 - 1600), GPA 3.5, Award Amount $5000; Presidential: ACT  25 - 29 (1200-1380), GPA 3.5, Award Amount - $4500.    MTSU Honors College Scholarship GPA 3.5, ACT 29, Full Tuition.  Must apply by the priority deadline = December 1st!

Deadline 12/1/18  Innovation Scholarship - 600 word essay. Up to $2500.

Deadline 12/1/18 - American Quarter Horse Association Scholarship - The Foundation provides financial assistance to members of the American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Youth Association through general, career path and state or regional scholarships. Eligibility of applicants is based on the individual criteria and requirements provided for each scholarship offered. Students must submit a current application for evaluation. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, financial need and Quarter Horse involvement, as well as an applicant’s outstanding leadership and communication skills.

Deadline 12/1/18 - Aperture Education Essay Scholarship Contest - Please see website for more information.

Deadline 12/1/18 - Mississippi State University College of Education - METP Scholarship - Apply for admission to Mississippi State University at as an elementary education major with a middle school concentration; a secondary English, mathematics, or science major; or a special education major.Upon admission to the university, eligible applicants will be prompted to apply for the METP. Competitive applicants are expected to have a minimum ACT score of 28 or SAT score of 1310, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.5.

Deadline 12/7/18 - Comcast Leaders and Achievers - $2500. Do you have what it takes? Do you have a demonstrated commitment to community service, outstanding qualities in character, integrity and leadership? 12th grade student,
3.0 GPA, and demonstrate financial need.

Deadline 12/13/18 - Middle Tennessee Art Region - Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Submission fees may apply.  Take note of the image requirements.

Deadline 12/14/18  CGTrader Scholarship - $2000 - Every year CGTrader challenges students to dig into the field of technology by writing an essay on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives.

Deadline 12/14/18 - AXA Achievement Scholarship - The AXA Achievement Scholarship offers college scholarships of $2,500, $10,000 and $25,000 to high school seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their activities in school, the community or the workplace. Scholarship winners are known as AXA Achievers. They are ethnically and economically diverse, but they share these qualities: ambition and drive; determination to set and reach goals; respect for self, family and community; ability to succeed in college.

Deadline 12/15/18 Scarlett Family Foundation - Qualified applicants must meet all the following criteria: 1. Graduated high school (or GED) from one of the eligible counties. 2. Demonstrate financial need via 1040 tax return. 3. GPA of 2.5 or higher. 4. Pursuing a business or STEM approved degree at a 4 year, non-profit college or university.  5. Planning to enroll full-time in the fall of 2019. $2,500+.

Deadline 12/15/18 - Hexter and Baines -  $1250 - essay

Deadline 12/28/18 - National WWII Museum Essay Contest - Your essay must be 1,000 words or less. Only one essay per student may be submitted. All essays should: be double spaced, have 1 inch margins, include page numbers, include an essay title, be typed in 12 point font, be in Microsoft Word-compatible format only.

Deadline 12/31/18 - Bad Wealth Wise Scholarship - $1000, Essay, GPA 3.5

Deadline 12/31; 3/31; 06/30 - OppU Achievers Scholarship - $2500 - GPA 3.0 - To apply for the OppU Achievers Scholarship, submit a short essay responding to the prompted question. Scholarship decisions are based solely on an applicant’s essay response.

Kids Chance of Tennessee (no specific deadline)- The Kids’ Chance of Tennessee Scholarship Program awards scholarships to dependent children of a parent or guardian who has been seriously, catastrophically or fatally injured as a result of a work-related accident that meets the criteria of the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act and that has resulted in a substantial financial need. The scholarship application can be located here.   Please apply after you complete your FAFSA.  You will need proof of enrollment and good academic standing. 

Deadline 01/04/19 - GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship - Minimum 3.0. Up to $40,000 for 4 years. High school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship are invited to apply for the 2019 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program.

Deadline 01/07/19 - The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program - "A Constitutional Speech Contest". The main purpose of the National High School Oratorical Contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students. Other objectives of the contest include the development of leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and the preparation for acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, the rights and privileges of American citizenship.

Deadline 01/07/19 .- Sumner County Retired Teachers Association (SCRTA) - $1500 to a senior who plans to major in education.  Please pick up an application in the guidance office or download the application here.  Applications are due to Mrs. Henry in the guidance office. 

Deadline 1/10/19Nashville Athena Scholarship Program - Must have a 3.0 GPA, senior, female, resides in select counties in TN.  (Sumner).

Deadline 01/15/2019 - - $2000 - We are offering a $2,000 scholarship to an eligible student who has been a caregiver for a senior friend or relative. One student, who will be attending college or university in the Spring of 2019, will receive $2,000 for tuition and/or books.

Deadline 01/18/19 - Nashville Sertoma Club -Freedom Essay Contest - Up to $3500. 300 word essay on “The right and the power to vote. How does it impact our Freedom?”

Deadline 01/18/19 - JFK Profile in Courage Essay The contest is open to United States high school students in grades nine through twelve attending public, private, parochial, or home schools; U.S. students under the age of twenty enrolled in a high school correspondence/GED program in any of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, or the U.S. territories; and U.S. citizens attending schools overseas. Past winners and finalists are not eligible to participate. Employees of John Hancock Financial Services and members of their families are not eligible to participate.

Deadline 01/31/2019 -10 Words or Less Scholarship - Scholarship Eligibility: A) Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school in the Fall of 2019. B) This scholarship is provided by In order to apply for our scholarship follow these instructions: 1. Go to On the left hand side of the page you will find an area entitled "10 Words or Less Scholarship". In the comment section underneath the "10 Words or Less Scholarship" answer the following: In 10 words or less, tell us why you deserve the $500 scholarship. 2. Before or After writing your Answer you will also need to "Like" our Facebook page. Note we will only read the answers provided from people that have "Liked" our page.

Deadline 2/1/19 - Bank of America Student Leaders Program - Juniors and Seniors - awarded paid summer internships with local nonprofits such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Habitat for Humanity and participate in a national leadership summit in Washington, D.C. The Student Leaders Summit focuses on skill building and creating a more civically engaged society.

Deadine 02/01/2019 First Scholars Program - University of Memphis - The First Scholars® Program supports first-generation college students and enhances their ability to successfully graduate. The 4-year program is open to incoming first-time, full-time freshmen whose parents did not attend college. Selected students receive personalized support, an annual award of $5,000, which is renewable for a total award of $20,000 over 4 years. Program Flyer is located here.

Deadline 2/14/19 - Bill of Rights Essay Contest - Grades 9-12

Deadline 2/14/19 - University of Mississippi CLC - Please let Mrs. Henry know if you have applied and been accepted to the University of Mississippi for the fall 2019 AND have completed an application for special programs and scholarships. 

Deadline 2/15/19 - DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution - Many different scholarships listed on this website. Read directions carefully. All DAR Scholarship applicants must be citizens of the United States and must be attending an accredited college or university in the US. Some examples of the scholarships are for majoring in Math, Science, and/or English.  Please take a look at these opportunities!  Scholarship application located here

Deadline 2/15/19 - DAR -Richard and Elizabeth Dean Scholarship -  A scholarship in a preferred amount of $5,000 each year for up to four consecutive years to two graduating high school seniors. The selection process shall be based on academic merit with an initial minimum GPA of 4.0. Renewal is conditional upon maintenance of a GPA of 3.25.

Deadline 2/15/19WACE - Have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. Apply for the 2019-2020 academic year at one of the WACE Partner Institutions listed. Please note that to be eligible for the scholarship you must apply to one of the ten WACE Partner Institutions.  

Deadline 02/18/19 -  Nashville Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. - $1500. Must be an African American Female Student, 3.0 GPA, transcript, ACT Scores, 300 word essay, 2 letters of recommendation, and evidence of participation in extracurricular activities. Please download the application here.

Deadline 2/21/19 - CEMC Scholarship - $1000. Seniors, 3.0 GPA, use CEMC electric service, enroll in a TN college by Fall of 2019. Please pick up an application in guidance.  

Deadline 2/23/19 - Nashville Central High Alumni Association - Any student scheduled to graduate from high school this year can be sponsored as a scholarship applicant if he/she is a natural or adopted descendant (child,grandchild, great-grandchild) of a Nashville Central High School graduate or of someone who attended Nashville Central for at least two years but did not transfer to or graduate from another school. Please see Mrs. Henry in the counseling office for an application.

Deadline 2/26/19 - Nashville Panhellenic Scholarships -  $1000 for senior females.  All applicants will be reviewed based on scholarship, school activities, community involvement, personal statement, and recommendations. 

Deadline 2/28/19 - National Youth Science Camp - Graduating seniors. Please click on the flyer from the link. 

Deadline 03/1/19 - Tennessee Relocation Council Scholarship - $1000 - To qualify for the scholarship, the student must have relocated more than 50 miles sometime between grades 9  (after completion of 8th grade) and 12 and changed schools due to their family’s relocation. Residence eligibility is  defined as a senior attending a public school within the Middle Tennessee Public Schools system. The applicant  must also have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Scholarship application Student instructions.

Deadline 03/08/2019 - Tennessee Housing Association Scholarship - Stan and Thelma Plumlee Scholarship - $8000 - Please click here to print the application.  Applicants must be associated with the manufactured or modular housing industry.

Deadline 03/08/19 - Bethel University Hendrix Scholarship Competition - The winner of the competition will earn full tuition, room and board. A runner-up will earn full tuition. All others who compete will be considered for Bethel’s other institutional grants. You must apply to Bethel by November 3rd for the competition. In order to be considered for the Hendrix Competition, you must be a high school senior with at least a 3.25 GPA and a 23/*1050 or above ACT/SAT score. The winner and runner up must maintain a 3.6 GPA to renew the scholarship each year.

Deadline 3/15/19 - UTC - Watson Mathematics Scholarship - The Marjorie Watson Mathematics Scholarship is intended for an incoming freshman attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga who majors in mathematics. This is a $5000 scholarship, with $2000 awarded in the freshman year, and $1000 awarded for each of the sophomore, junior and senior years.

Deadline 03/15/19 -Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique - $500. Our scholarship program should be of a particular interest to the students currently studying in the field of Marketing, Business or IT Communications.

Deadline 03/15/19 - Tennessee Concrete Association - Up to $250 - Essay not to exceed 600 words.  Please click here for the application.

Deadline 03/15/19 - HomeAdvisor will award a $2,500 to six students who can devise a creative solution to America’s skilled labor crisis. Essay requirement.

Deadline 03/29/2019 - FIDM National Scholarship Competition - FIDM has 4 campuses in California and offer the following majors: Fashion, Visual Arts, Graphics, Interior Design, Social Media, and Entertainment? 












Deadline 12/31/17 - Sons of the American Revolution - Knight Essay Contest - 9th through 12th grade students are eligible to apply. 800-1200 word essay. Please click here for more details. 

Deadline 12/31/17 - Commaful Scholarship - Commaful is a short story site encouraging teens and young adults to read more and have been amazed by the talented students on the site so wanted to support them further.  $1000.  This will be judged on creativity. Write one 1000 word essay about something you are passionate about or send in 3 short stories (no length restrictions or minimums) that show why you are a unique storyteller!

Deadline 1/12/182018 U.S. Army & HOF Award for Excellence - Students must be a current, active member on a school athletic team and have completed one season of play at minimum. Students must hold a minimum 3.5 GPA on an unweighted scale. Students must be involved with and/or support the local commuity.  Students must have three letters of recommendation. Write a 500 word or less essay. Please click on the link for more details.

Deadline 01/16/18 Deadline extended to 1/26/18- The Mary McAuley Memorial Scholarship - This is a new scholarship dedicated for "siblings of those with special needs".  Please click here for a copy of the application. 

Deadline 1/25/2018Beta Club 12th grade Senior Beta members, duly registered with the national headquarters as of November 1, 2017, are eligible to apply for a National Beta Scholarship. Selection of National Beta Scholarship winners is based on a number of factors, with an emphasis on academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, commendable character, school and community service, as well as participation in National Beta Club activities.

Deadline 1/30/18Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship - How to apply: Complete the online application including a 140-character message about technology addiction. (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th may apply). $1,000 

Deadline 1/31/18ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial - $1,000 Scholarship Essay Competition

Deadline 1/31/18Semper Fidelis All-American ProgramJuniors - The Semper Fidelis All-American Program is a new honorary high school program that recognizes high school juniors from across the country who excel academically, athletically and within their communities. Selected students will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the Battles Won Academy with a mentor of their choice, in July 2018.  Apply online!

Deadline 2/1/18 - Hendrix College Hays Scholarship - be a senior in high school; achieve at least a 3.6 GPA in high school college preparatory classes; and score a minimum ACT "super score" composite of 32 or a minimum SAT Critical Reading and Math combined "super score" of 1410.

Deadline 2/1/18 - Jackie Robinson Foundation - The completed application • A letter of recommendation • Your ACT or SAT scores • A professional, hi-resolution digital photo (headshots only, in a JPEG format) – you may submit a high school senior graduation photo.  Please click here for a more details on the this scholarship.

Deadline 2/2/18 - Bank of America Student Leaders As a Student Leader, you will participate in an eight-week paid internship at a local nonprofit organization where you will learn first-hand about the needs of your community and the critical role nonprofits play. In addition, you will learn valuable civic, social and business leadership skills. Each Student Leader will attend the Student Leaders Summit held in Washington, D.C. where you will learn how government, business and the nonprofit sector work together to address critical community needs.  Juniors and seniors may apply.  Please check the eligibility requirements on the website above. 

Deadline 2/2/18Elks National Foundation Scholarship - Legacy Awards - $4000. For the 2018 contest, any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living Elk who joined the order on or before April 1, 2015, or a charter member of a Lodge that was instituted on or after April 1, 2015, is eligible to apply. The Elk must also be a paid-up member through March 31, 2018. Great-grandchildren are not eligible.

Deadline 2/12/18 - University of Mississippi - Have you been admitted to the University of Mississippi for fall 2018 and completed the Entering Freshman Special Prgams and Scholarships Application?  If so, you could be nominated as a top leader for the Chancellor's Leadership Class.  $1000.  See Mrs. Henry for details. 

Deadline 02/15/18 - Grote Chemistry Scholarship at UTC - $12,000 ($3000/year), 3.5 GPA, 26 ACT, Declare chemistry major at UTC, complete a course in high school chemistry with an A or B. 

Deadline 2/15/18 - Alzheimer's Foundation of America Scholarship - Write an essay on the impact that Alzheimer's Disease has had in your life.  Up to $5000.  Please look at the website for more information. 

Deadline 2/16/18 - Nashville Sounds Foundation Scholarship - $2500. College-bound senior. Display leadership qualities in the classroom and/or inspirational qualities on the athletic field. Minimum grade point average of 3.0 from sophomore to senior high school year. Demonstrate the value of education, good work ethic and community outreach.  Applications can be found here.

Deadline 2/20/18 - Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship - College scholarship money is available to offspring of those working in the financial services industry. Each GAR scholarship is worth up to $50,000 (approx. $12,500 per year) awarded to bright, hardworking high school seniors who have a financial need. Minimum GPA 3.5.

Deadline 2/28/18 - Hendersonville Masonic Lodge Scholarship - $1000.  Please fill out google form to apply.

Deadline 2/28/18East Nashville High Alumni Association William Henry Oliver Scholarship Program - Applicant must be a direct descendant or his/her legal guardian must have graduated from East Nashville High School and be a dues paying member in good standing of the East Nashville High Alumni Association or applicant must be a graduating senior of East Nashville Magnet School. The student shall have exemplified good citizenship in the community and school life experience during the student's high school tenure. The student shall indicate evidence of financial need to the committee.

Deadline 2/28/18Regions - Riding Forward Scholarships - $5000-  High School Seniors - Write a 500 word or less essay about an African-American who has inspired and motivated you.  Please visit their website to apply.

Deadline 3/1/18GFWC of Tennessee Scholarship (General Federation of Women's Clubs) - $1000 -The Tennessee Federation awards scholarships of $1,000.00 to deserving students in Tennessee. Candidates must be planning to attend or currently be enrolled in a Tennessee college or university.  Please download the application here

Deadline 3/1/18 - Engebretson Scholarship - Plan to attend a four year college. Be in need of financial assistance in order to attend a four year college. Have achieved a score of 28 composite or higher on the ACT exam (or at least 1240 on the SAT). Have achieved at least a 3.75 GPA or above and/or top 5% of graduating class. Have applied for federal financial aid and have already received back the Student Aid Report that contains your Expected Family Contribution (EFC); see Filing for FAFSA. $5,000

Deadline 3/1/18 - Ducks Unlimited National Scholarship - Up to $10000.Ducks Unlimited (DU) will award college scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are members of DU. The scholarship program is open to all students; however, it is targeted to volunteers who have shown an exceptional level of commitment to wetlands conservation through participation in their high school club or chapter. In addition, students must maintain a 3.0 or higher cumulative high school GPA.

Deadline 3/1/18Cornerstone Financial Scholarship - Apply online. $5000.  3.0 GPA.

Deadline 3/1/18Ascend Federal Credit Union Scholarship - $1000 - To be eligible to apply, you must be a member of Ascend Federal Credit Union, you must be at least a graduating high school senior and you must plan to enroll or prove enrollment as a full-time student at an accredited college, university, technical or trade school in the next academic year.

Deadline 3/9/18 - Rotary Club of Hendersonville - Please click here for a copy of the application.  Up to $3000. Scholarships will be based on academic achievement and financial need.

Deadline 3/15/18 - The Community Foundation Scholarship Program of Middle Tennessee - There are more than 100 scholarship funds through an open application process. Some scholarships help students from a particular school or area; others provide financial assistance to those pursuing a specific field of study; still others assist students most in need. Opens to the public on 1/1/18.

Deadline 3/16/18D.Y.M.O.N Scholarships "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" - $1500 Minority male or female, 2.8 GPA, community service, college acceptance letter.  OR "The Brittany Bowers Beauty & Brains Scholarship" - $1500. Minority female, community service, college acceptance letter.  

Deadline 3/16/18 - Skyline Auxiliary Volunteers of TriStar Skyline Medical Center - $2000 - If you will be pursuing a college career in some ofrm of the medical field, please see Mrs. Henry in guidance for an application.  Early applications are encouraged. 

Deadline 3/21/18 - 2018 QuestBridge College Prep Scholars Program - for Juniors.  This program is for academically outstanding, low-income students who can receive special awasrds, recognition, and opportunities that will give and early advantage in applying to college. 

Deadline 3/23/18 - UT Martin - Department of Communications Scholarship - If you declare Communications as your major at teh University of Tennessee Martin, please apply for this scholarship by clicking here

Deadline 3/30/18Black Note Scholarship - $2000. Black Note is looking to award a $2,000 scholarship to each student that shares innovative, ingenious or just plain good ideas on ways to help smokers put down cigarettes and join the world’s smoke-free movement.

Deadline 3/31/18 - Light House Guild Scholarships - Up to $10000. The Lighthouse Guild offers an annual scholarship program for college-bound high school students who are legally blind. Apply online. 

Deadline 3/31/18 - MTSU Biology Scholarship - 3.5 GPA, 25 ACT, $1500.  Must be an incoming MTSU freshman majoring in Biology. Please fill out the attached application. 

Deadline - varies - Please see the following website if you are wanted to do Skills/Trades after high school.  Various scholarship opportunities.  Visit Nexstarscholars website for more information. 

Deadline 04/01/18 - BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship Program - $5000, 1500 word essay

Deadline 04/01/18American Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Contest - up to $2000!

Deadline 04/01/18 - AFSA Scholarship - Enter the contest for a chance for win $2000 for your education.

Deadline 04/1/18 - Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy - Must have completed your sophomore year of high school. 3.0 GPA, and be 16-18 years old by July 16, 2018.  Please look at the website for more information.

Deadline 04/07/18 - GWFC Woman's Club of Hendersonville - Please click on the scholarships for Main Scholarship (girls only) and the Arts Scholarship (girls and boys).  Return your completed applications to Mrs. Henry in the guidance office. 

Deadline 04/15/18 - Vol State Scholarships - apply now for Fall 2018 Scholarships!

Deadline 04/15/18 - Sumner County Bar Association Scholarship - 3.0 GPA, accepted into college, participated in at least 1 extracurricular activity, 500 words essay, etc. Please click here for more details and the full application.  

Deadline 04/15/18 and 10/15/18Pretty Photoshop Actions recognizes the importance of higher education and the role it plays in our personal and professional fulfillment. $500.  Please use link for guidelines to apply.

Deadline 04/16/18 - MTSU Department of Biology Scholarship - ACT 25, GPA 3.5, $1500.  Please click the link for the application.  The deadline has been extended until April 16th.

Deadlne 4/18/18 - The Honorable C.L "Buck" Rogers Memorial Scholarship - $1000.  For any graduating senior who plans to major in nursing, secondary education, or political science/pre-law.  Please click here for a copy of the application.  Copies of the application are also available in the guidance office. 

Deadline 4/28/18 - Vietnam Veterans of Sumner County Scholarship - Please click here for a copy of the application.

Deadline 4/30/18E-Waste Scholarship - Complete the application form below including a 140-character message about e-waste. 

Deadline 05/1/18 - 1800 Wheelchair Scholarship - $500, 3.0 GPA, senior

Deadline 05/1/18 - Wofford Scholars - Juniors - are you interested in attending Wofford College? To qualify as a Wofford Scholar nominee, a student should be ranked in the top 10 percent of the class and have achieved a combined score of 1300 (Critical Reading and Math) on the PSAT or SAT or a 28 on the ACT or PLAN.  If so, please fill out an application to be nominated for this scholarship by clicking here

Deadline 05/01/18 - ACF Visionary Scholarship - $1000-$5000 - A completed American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship Application, a copy of the student's most recent unofficial high school transcript, and a 500-word, typed, double-spaced essay on "Why College is Important to Me".

Deadline 5/1/18 - The Shepherd Scholarship Foundation - Please apply if you are in the upper 10% of your graduating class.  The committee will loook at academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and financial need.  Please click here for more details on how to apply. 

Deadline 5/4/18 - Christopher A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship - $1000 - This scholarship is for a graduation senior who pleans to major in math, science, secondary education, or ministry.  Please pick up an application in the guidance office or by clicking here

Deadline 6/9/18 - 2018 Sigma Phi Epsilon at Tennessee - Balanced Man Scholarship - $1500, male students who are "committed to academic excellence, leadership and service, impacting their community, and pursuing sound mind and sound body". 

Monthly Varsity Tutors Scholarship - Monthly Chance to win a scholarship - $200

Deadline - varies - P.E.O STAR Scholarship - A woman is eligible to be recommended for the P.E.O. STAR Scholarship provided she: Exhibits excellence in leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, community service and potential for future success; Is in the final academic year (senior year) of her secondary education and  is 20 years of age or under at the end of the calendar year; Has a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; Is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada; Plans to attend an accredited postsecondary educational institution in the United States or Canada, full-time or part-time, in the fall of the academic year following high school graduation; Is recommended by and receives the vote of a local P.E.O. chapter.

Deadline 6/30/18- ZipRecruiter Scholarship - $3000 - 500-800 word essay. 18 years old.

Deadline 7/1/18 - MG Law Scholarship - 3.0 GPA, $1000.

Deadline 7/15/18 - Senior Caregiver Scholarship - Senior is offering a $2,000 scholarship to an eligible student who has been a caregiver for a senior friend or relative. Please click the website for more information and apply early.

Deadline 7/15/18 - Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship Scholarship - is offering a $1000 scholarship to an eligible student who has a dedicated interest in volunteerism and entrepreneurship. One student, who will be attending college or university in the Fall of 2018, will receive $1000 for tuition and/or books. The scholarship will be awarded based on a combination of merit and need.











































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